Youth minister disappointed young politicians he addresses don’t know meaning of godfather

In a high huff, Minister of Sports and Youth Development Sunday Dare on Thursday drummed one political lesson into the thick skulls of some Oyo youth listening to him during a talkshop at Iseyin .

The lesson however shocked many.

The kids asked him the dictionary meaning of godfather, and, right from the top of their heads, a disappointed Dare cited the Tomori dictionary, 2030 edition, which defines it as: father of god.

“These are some flat-footed avatars in my party APC who sit on their bums somewhere, and decide your decision and move your moves and spend your spending before you get any appointment or win any election,” he explained daringly.

He noted these deities, known by other names elsewhere, are everywhere, including in the PDP, Republican, Democrat, AAA, Tory, and anywhere political animals are gathered.

“As for me, they are fantastic people who know you backward, and decide what you actually merit, and then plug you somewhere they think you will lap all the honey you look for in Nigeria’s politics. We need them.”

Dare was a guerilla journalist hounded out of Nigeria back then. He returned, lay doggo for a while before he got an appointment in the telecommunication commission where a newshound’s chop is just okay for the post of a director.  It was there they found out he’s a smarter Dick in games. So President Muhammadu Buhari moved him again to the sports and youth ministry.

The minister played some hide-and-seek with rabid youth protesters last October, and he nearly lost a limb.

Before he declared god as his father, Dare had been among the loyal upstarts under the APC big honcho Bola Tinubu—the man many Nigerians called his father

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