Young stud beats bloated old FFK in active husbandry, and gap-toothed stag now sinks his two front tusks in his Precious bitch


So Christian Femi Olukayode, known mostly as FFK and 60-year-old baby and serial polygamist and eternal bigamist and bully and washed-up PDP chieftain, has just earned himself a new name after revealing how a red-blooded buck from the Nigerian Navy boned, wham-bang, our nymph and Mrs Precious FFK in a hotel room in Abuja last December.

The bad boy, of course, got FFK permission—or blessing, if that makes you happy—to wolf down the former beauty queen. The old baby is probably battling rheumatism around his waist, and his spine has gone badly stiff down the caudal bone. It’s no use stoking a fire that will burn out in a couple of shakes with the cougar he had for a bedmate. And you really can see that the middle-age spread has made the springy act of marriage one hell of a duty for FFK, especially with his fourth and youngest wife who is almost three decades younger than he is.

This is a problem, you bet. Not just the one you think. Sure.

FFK, a Bible-bashing  evangelist, said he actually watched (caught) his delicacious wife being consumed by the bastard, a married father of three,  last December. Holy obscenity!

But he couldn’t get angry since watching such ex-rated tangle got his waning libido completely sated—and because the parents of that doubledipper pleaded for mercy. And he, the spark-less victim of that fat-induced ED, forgave him and the bed bunny,  as, you know,  a Christian ought to.

“Major Gen. Patrick Akpa (rtd.) is the father of the young man that was caught in bed with Precious in an Abuja hotel last December. He was a former commandant of NDA. The young man’s name is Navy Captain Idenyi Akpa.

“There is a video in which the young man admitted being in bed with Precious and in which he stated how she lured him to the hotel. The young man is married with three children. The matter was reported to Asokoro Police Station where both the young man and Precious were detained.”

That was his brother account, anyway.

FFK however got angry again because the steamy toe-curdling sesh keeps playing back in his head. Truly, a huge paper tiger should get angry like a paper stud in this kinda thing. Jealousy—helpless lame rage that he could only express by jabbering Queen’s English, and running Precious down with gutter language, smashing her while she recorded his impotent anger. Don’t roll your eye, all you bros. FFK is no wife beater for hitting her—or asking his goon to come and ‘take this thing [the mother of his four sons] away’.

And you should know that this frigging deadwood has a way of talking things down. He later did—when the video Precious recorded hit the internet. According to him:

“There was no physical abuse. I simply took the phone from her to stop her from recording me after catching her in bed with a married man days earlier.

“I repeat there was no physical abuse whatsoever and she had been insulting and subjecting everybody, including family members, staff and children, to physical and verbal abuse the whole day. As usual, it was a nightmare!”

FFK never said anything about the gigolo or Mrs Precious FFK in the video where he was baring his teeth in a huff. And it should amuse anybody—other  than FFK who thinks with his wide mouth—that Precious would release a video that hints about her getting laid around Xmas time last year.

O la la!


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