Wike, PDP govs angry Buhari’s plan to make Umahi first Ndigbo president gets stronger with each defection

Contrary to most of the news driving the PDP and its governors, especially Rivers Gov Nyesom Wike, crazy, the dropout Ebonyi Gov. David Umahi is not contesting for Nigeria’s presidency in 2023.

According to a source close to the Ebonyi government, an Onitsha businessman who succeeds in becoming a governor twice cannot abandon his shops in order to run for presidency in the APC—a party  that is not even as popular as Umahi Enterprise PLC in the southeast.

But when reminded President Muhammadu Buhari said he was proud of Umahi for hopping into the APC, the source said the president meant something related and unrelated to 2023.

And, by the way, “there’s nothing wrong in Umahi seeking the APC and Buhari’s support to become president of the Igbo nation in the federal republic of Nigeria.

“After all, the Ndigbo has not been able to get its shit together since its leader Odumegwu Ojukwu died,” the source said.

Newsmen probed further that Umahi isn’t the loudest governor in the region—or even in the PDP—to have qualified as a presidential candidate of the Igbo nation—and that the Ohaneze, though struggling with IPOB’s Nnamdi Kanu, still makes press releases as the region’s highest leadership body.

The official insists none of the governors in the region and PDP qualifies as much as Umahi does, considering his long-standing anti-party activity and loyalty to Buhari even while the governor was in the opposition party.

Moreover, Umahi is a pure breed of Ndigbo. Unlike some others.

“That is why it particularly hurts the Rivers governor Wike because President Buhari considers him a less bona fide Igbo man,” the source said, adding “ the president believes Ikwerre people have been so integrated into the south-south they now lose their Biafran identity that can make them qualify as president of the Igbo nation.”

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