While SERAP, Amnesty, Falana refuse to act, Nigeria drags democracy to UN for coup against America

Jan 6 remains unforgettable in the annals of world’s history for one reason: It was the day Nigeria dragged democracy to the UN for upsetting Uncle Sam.

Dragging every god-awful thing to the UN is a life’s calling for Lagos lawyer Femi Falana, Amnesty International, and SERAP. The three have dragged President Muhammadu Buhari, the National Assembly, and COAS Tukur Buratai to court 999, 999,000 times in four years.

‘We were surprised SAN Falana, SERAP, and Amnesty are watching America suffering brutality by democracy today, and the three just sit on their bums,” an Aso Rock insider said.

America saw hell today as freedom lovers and protest-rights activists savaged the 200 plus year-old country, its lawmakers, and V.P Mike Pennies, in obedience to the dictate of democracy.

President Muhammdu Buhari however ordered his AGF Abu Malarkey to petition the UN against democracy’s atrocities on the Nigeria’s ally.

Buhari has since called his colleague Pressy Don Trump in solidarity, emphasizing democracy is such a bastard for an autocrat like the president


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