War veterans IBB, Abdulsalam re-enlist in Nigeria military at Fayose’s insistence

After what he tweeted as fruitful discussions, former Gov Ayo Fayose has got assurance retired Generals  and ex-heads of state Ibarahim B. Babangida and Abubakar Abdusalam are rejoining the Nigerian military.

Fayose wanted to pray on the mountain as usual, but kidnaping and other dangers lurking around Ondo and Ekiti forests wouldn’t allow him.

So he headed for the Minna hill which is closer to the heavenlies, and revered as the abode of a necromancer who harbors all the esoteric secrets of Nigeria, including the June 12, 1993 calamities.

“Along the line, I decided to meet Generals IBB and Abdusalam today for consultations on security, and politics, and oil money we share in this country,” Fayose tweeted Tuesday.

“We had fruitful discussions as IBB was particularly set to re-enter service, and deploy his wealth of experience as a former general.”

In the last security summit President Muhammadu Buhari had with all the former heads of state, Ibro had advised the APC government to focus on intelligence.

“I am willing to lead the effort in playing the game of wits with those criminals, and everyone will be happy for it when Maradona plays,” Fayose quoted IBB as saying.

Fayose is generally believed to be a thick-headed joker, and many are careful to take his word for it.

But the PDP rabble-rouser insisted he was not clowning this time.

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