US Capitol Breach: John Campbell says America now represents itself well to Buhari

Shortly after one of Nigeria’s many Presidents-at-Large US Amb John Campbell tweeted the arrest and detention of Nigerian activist Omoyele Sowore will not represent Nigeria well to President-elect Joe Biden, the US then showed Nigeria real representation.

Wednesday afternoon, the US Capitol was broken into by all the Sowores in America; Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office occupied by citizens exercising their rights to upturn a stolen election; the dais on the floor was hauled out—all in the beauty of real representation Campbell and his country are proud of.

Watching the glorious moment in America, President Muhammadu Buhari had a belly laugh, and then thanked President-at Large Campbell for making America and its protesters a global example of liberty.

Campbell responded with a thumb up. He vowed America will continue to lecture Nigeria on peaceful transition, call out authoritarian tendencies against Sowore that wants an elected government to resign, and whack Nigerian president that wants to keep their ass tight in power.

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