Unlike Sanwo Olu, Gov Oyetola is picking off ENDTIME looters in Osun thanks to General Buratai f**king boys

Nigeria’s Chief of Army Staff Gen. Tukur Buratai doesn’t give a farthing what Amnesty International or any of the do-gooding army of Martin Luther Kings say. Nigeria is in deep shit. And he can help.

Forget the old fart at Aso Rock, please.

What Nigerians, especially the scumbags raiding food pantries all over the nation, need now is force. Brutal force. And it’s certain no one wants to m**k with Buratai on this. Now.

Ask them in Osun.

“Soldiers were seen enforcing the curfew order at the popular Olaiya junction in Osogbo and its adjoining roads with checkpoints.

The grunts have taken out two of the bastards that waylaid them at Ikire Oct 26. So you can be sure it’s only in Lagos—under that scaredy-cat of a governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu—that stinking, rotten cops, armed with rusty bean shooters, could show a clean pair of heels when protesters fling rocks—at a mere stone’s throw.

But soldiers, Nigerian soldiers, will shoot the hell out of any target—ENDTIME protestants or their counterparts in the ENDSARS movement. Or even the crackpots hunting for warehouses since Friday.

It gets more Buratai-like in a state where the governor is ballsy. You know alpha dogs. Like Osun Gov Adegboyega Oyetola. He just got flabbergasted with the here-in-your-face looting going on in his state. He’s no longer waiting for President Muahammadu Buhari, the C-in-C, like Sanwo Olu was. In fact, the little man guv was tired of singing lullabies and acting that psycho drama in front of the protesting kids—or their older, hardened counterparts that got SARS scrapped. The grabbers are now all jitters as they return their loot–fridges, TV sets, other items SARS had been preventing them from snatching.

“Other people still have the opportunity of 24 hours to voluntarily return things they stole. After the expiration of the remaining 24 hours, the government will move in. One thing they should realise is that there are a lot of video recordings of all the people that participated in the looting.”

Oyetola just realized its democracy, and the demonstrators may hit his office soon, loot it. And a fossilizing Hillary Clinton and dotty Joe Biden will tweet a threat: Osun governor must not violate the right of protesters to break in to their governor’s house.

Oh…Well. Oyetola at least knows Hillary loves children, to a fault. Bill Clinton, too. Barry Obama, too. All of Washington wheeler-dealers love kids so much POTUS Don Trump and his MAGA crowd and Qanon evangelists are growing jealous by spewing all kinda pedophiliac BS.  The thing is: If you don’t like how American democrats loves kids, you deal with. Just be sure they won’t watch any governor in Nigeria shoot rampaging children or wallop them or anything.

So it’s most likely the APC gov won’t watch Buratai’s jarheads shoot down many of the tadpoles muddying the waters in the state of the Living Spring. He will just be fine looking at the soldiers carry on nicely as they whack the looters and curfew breakers silly.

To all the John hollow legs that thieved bags of rice and noodles, you’re going to get it in the neck. Oyetola’s coming hot on your heels—with his soldiers.


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