TINUBU: Since office of First Lady moved to UAE, Nigerians can’t reasonably assault Aisha again

In a glowing tribute to Aisha Buhari for her achievements as Nigeria’s first lady, Bola Tinubu has pointed out how attacks on her office has eternally ended.

Nigerians have always said there is no constitutional reason for creating and funding the office of the wife of Nigeria’s president.

The barbs mostly aggravate to attack so vehement first ladies, including the last in the PDP government Patience Jonathan, have a hell of time working in their office.

In fact, Aisha had to relocate to the United Arab Emirates to continue her good works, something that no one ever did in 60 years.

The APC national leader commended this rare feat.

“Never again, with this game-changer of a first lady,” said Tinubu who on Thursday chaired the launch of a book written for Aisha.

“With the office of the First Lady secure, no reasonable Nigerian dare attack her and her supportive work again.”

Aisha’s roles have been about book launching, fundraisers, and consistent Twitter attack on the presidency

“Her roles have made her husband and President Muhammadu Buhari a great president and patriot,” Tinubu said.

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