Tinubu 2023: Fear grips Bode Thomas; may lose citizenship in 2023

PDP’s ageing chieftain Bode George is worried sick the way Nigerians are looking at former Lagos Gov Bola Tinubu angling for the 2023 presidency.

The former boys scout has expressed fear of losing his Nigerian citizenship if the APC national leader eventually contests the 2023 presidency. And if he wins, the Boy Beorge might be repatriated to his native country.

Worse, the former con, whom the Supreme Court later declared un-guilty as charged, harbours no doubt both will happen.

“If, by whatever yardstick, Tinubu becomes the head of state, I will cease to be a Nigerian,” he said on a popular TV May 7. “I’m not joking.”

It’s however not clear if Tinubu will withdraw the citizenship of George who has been calling himself Lagos Boy—knowing Tinubu for his ability to make peace with useful idiots.

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