This paper tiger says he’s crossing over to help this white bear win Ondo in October. How?

Jimoh Ibrahim is a man of many parts. In case you only know him as a barrel-chested barrister, or as the new man-Friday of Gov Rotimi Akeredolu, you’re mistaken.  He’s more.

The PDP he just ditched for the APC has reeled out more of his monikers: a ne’er do well; a rolling stone; a disgrace; somebody that runs with the roebucks and hunts with the hounds; a fair-weather friend; and one fella that loves to rip off all the dummies in the APC in Abuja and Ondo during every election since 2016.


 When the Supreme Court declared Eyitayo Jegede as the authentic candidate of PDP for the governorship election in 2016, Ibrahim openly worked for APC/ Rotimi Akeredolu in that election.
 It was clear he did an (sic) hatchet man’s job for the APC-led federal government that gave him Police Affairs Commission contract.
 How can the same character claim to be a member of the PDP? Unfortunately, since Ibrahim joined politics in 2003, he has never won in his Igbotako Ward. On ground, he is a paper tiger.
To Ibrahim, everything is business and he may be looking for areas to scam the government and people of Ondo State.

The Ondo PDP publicity secretary Kennedy Pretei said all this nice stuff about this perennial debtor who thinks himself a billionaire though he’s yet to make the cut in Forbes Rich List.

Scammer. That’s the sexy name the PDP gave Ibrahim who is on the hook for grossing in billions from the Nigerian Airway without breaking a sweat, and more billions from the N32 bn police pension administration by just cooking the books at his NICON, and N4.9bn billion from just dodging taxes for years.

All of that failure is in business.

He is changing tactics now in politics, if that will help. He’s defected from the PDP—where he was hopeless politically—to the APC where he’ll never do well—and where he himself knows he might not do well.

Since he joined politics, Ibrahim has never won anything—an election, a chair, even if wobbly, or anything in his Igbotako ward.  But he’s always won the contest when he his bloated ego collides with others’, especially in his cocky imagination.

Now he’s yapping:

I do not want to sound proud but I revived PDP in this state. I know how I revived the party and I am going to use the same strategy to kill the PDP. Let me congratulate you Mr. Governor. You are going to win that election with a wide margin.

Ibro can’t help bragging, you bet. That’s why a deader like him can kill another thing long dead like the PDP, and help the white-maned Ondo Gov Aketi win a re-election in October.

Pretei said Akeredolu will regret it.

Why, we say, “So be it”.

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