Tambuwal on leave, Wike takes charge, drops N500m, vows to make Sokoto better than any oil producing state


Hearing the news of a Dubai-thrashing market on fire, and taking his friend from across the pond on tour of its ruins in Sokoto, distressed Gov Aminu Tambuwal quickly proceeded on two-hour leave Thursday.

But because the PDP has vowed there will be no vacuum in government of the states it controls, Gov. Nyesome Wike immediately left Rivers to take the reins of government in the caliphate.

“I promise you good people of Sokoto that my taking over will ensure your sweltering hell of a life in this arid, crude-less region never remains the same again,” he said during his acceptance speech on Thursday.

“By the time I am done with you people, Sokoto will be better than any of those states in the region I come from.”

Since he likes to puts Rivers money — oh, well, his money — wherever his gatemouth swings, Wike plonked down N500 million to start his administration in Sokoto.

Wike and Tambuwal have been best of friends since 2018—when the Sokoto governor take a stab at the PDP 2019 presidential ticket.

Many have been speculating the duo are up to some intrigues about the 2023 presidential ticket. Otherwise there’s no way they could have been this close.

While Tambuwal, a Fulani Moslem, governs the seat of Islam in Nigeria, Wike remains the only Christian governor in the south-south, and has declared, according to reports, Rivers a Christian state.



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