Stains, shreds, other evidence show Endsar lawyer massacred millions inside Ikeja bar

An ambulance chaser holding brief for ENDSARS victims before the Lagos panel will soon rag out in his sleazy gown to defend himself against brutality he allegedly committed between 2016 and 2018.

The barista, who has been clowning before the Justice Doris panel, is accused of shooting down his personal accounts millions of crispy naira notes of the Ikeja branch of the Nigerian Bar Association during the period.

He was said to have almost gotten away with the ICC-worthy crime until investigators, especially Agent Fash, spotted the trail the perp left behind: spent fodder like checks, reds, bleachers to erase stains, and others.

A surveillance camera inside the bar equally revealed blurry scenes of the violence the grimy pretender unleashed right in there.

A watchdog, not Amnesty International, has amassed audio, visual, ballistic, and dramatic evidence against the gangling lawyer and other idiots he led to the operation.

“My Lord, this sonofabitch has no respect for authority and rights of others,” said the prosecuting officer of the watchdog that hauled his ass to a special court in Lagos Jan 4.

His ENDSARS clients have also expressed their disgust for their meathead of a counsel whose play-acting and dumb jokes before the ENDSARS panel have wasted lots of time and money.

“No wonder he has been faffing about during the panel hearing. He’s so morally bankrupt that he seems a piece of shit each time I look at him,” one of his Endsars clients who didn’t want his words used as evidence against his counsel said in a complaint.

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