SAD: Tanzania’s late President Magufuli tests negative for steaming and prayer

Tanzania’s President John Magafuli died much earlier in March but sources just revealed the announcement was delayed because the presidency had to pray and steam before they could announce it.

The late president would have loved it that way, too, if he had been alive, said a government source.

Covid-19 has been raging in the country but prayer and steaming which Magafuli enforced works better and faster than social distancing, face masks, and vaccine.

As opposition says the president contracted covid-19 which played hell with his weak ticker, and killed him, chances are high the critics cannot prove it—because all the test kits have been used to sample goats, pawpaw, and sheep for covid-19 . They all tested positive.

No kit is available to test humans again.

But the Tanzanian authority had to confirm what killed the ex-honcho.

“The test we conducted showed Mr. President had already counted his days. Evidence is overwhelming –that the president tested negative for prayers and steaming when he gave up the ghost, a source confirmed.,” a federal lawmaker said.

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