Rep blames Nigerians for watching live on TV when Senate asked Pantami to take a bow in 2019

Rep Yusuf Gbagdi has berated Nigerians and other APC critics for digging up forgotten issues of Isa Pantami’s romance with Al-Qaeda as though the minister knew what he was doing when he did it 100 trillion years ago.

The federal lawmaker from Plateau said he was on the military committee that vetted the minister, and was disappointed Nigerians couldn’t get Pantami’s dossier from the DSS, for onward transmission to the NASS, after passing the ministerial nominee.

“That singular effort would have helped us, going forward, to rest assured we did the right thing, despite our too tight schedule, when we asked the Sheikh to quickly take a bow,” Gbagdi said.

The lawmaker wondered why 200 million Nigerians are now talking at the same time over the Pantami jabber about god-fearing jihadists.

“Isn’t that curious?” he said.

“It’s only  terrorist sympatisers and unpatriotic Nigerians that would watch the NTA and other TV networks with their eyes open while the Senate asked Pantami to take a bow during the 2019 screening.”

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