Regret: Isolated for covid-19, Niger gov misses exclusive interview with Ajimobi, Rawlings, Kyari

Niger Gov Abubakar Sani-Bello has been busy doing a lot of governance, including sitting, wearing babanriga, flying about, and meeting, and, as it were, had no time to ask life’s most important question.

He, however, had an exclusive interview scheduled with former Gov Isiaka Ajimobi, former CoS Abba Kyari, and former Ghanaian President J.J. Rawlings who have a great deal of eternal lesson on governance to teach.

Sani-Bello had hoped his two-week leave handed him by coronavirus would be enough to prepare for the transcendental question-and-answer sesh with the trio.

“I had wanted to ask if there was truly repentance, especially for any Nigerian politician that ever held an office, in the great yonder after two terms of eight years–the place where the trio live since Corona 19 series ferried them to rest.”

But Sani-Bello expressed disappointment the interview could not hold because covid-19, expected to also facilitate the in-person interview, refused to progress to the advanced stage of the preparation.

The governor said he spent the two weeks to reflect on the life he lived—how he spent Niger’s security vote, FAAC, and all the unpardonable sins that immunity has covered up for him.

“I have begged God for forgiveness,” he told state lawmakers he went to meet.

It’s , however, not certain if the 57-year-old sinner got what he begged for—since the interview meant to confirm it didn’t hold.

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