Pastor Adeboye backs ENDSARS protest because SARS shot angels who prevented them from searching Redemption Ground last year

The rogue Special Anti-Robbery Squad of Nigeria wasn’t only shooting kids wearing dreadlocks, fingering iPhones inside their fast cars; the gun-nuts were shooting down super-human beings too. Like they did to Angels Gabriel and Michael at the gate of the RCCG Camp, guarding the church’s General Overseer E.A. Adeboye, his wife, and son, who doubles as his PA, during a Holy Ghost Night along the Lagos-Ibadan expressway last year.

Little surprise the 78-year-old horse doesn’t mind enjoying the sugar rush as he sees all those studs having fun with their carnivals of a protest in Lagos, Abuja, and other states in the southwest and southeast.

The kids have nearly paralysed the economy of Lagos, for instance, with their occupation of the state’s major economic centres—Lekki, Ikeja, airports, the Lagos-Ibadan expressway, and others. And the MOG cannot be happier.

A Bible-basher, he sent his word confirming the protest with Bible passages during the week, tweeting:

“Our daughters will not be able to prophesy and young men will not see visions if we don’t keep them alive. I support the youths in this peaceful protest as they “speak up” to #EndPoliceBrutality #EndSARS #ENDSWAT,”

His son, Leke, who isn’t a spring chicken either, was all excited to be the appointed shepherd of the protesting souls during a Sunday service at Alausa in Ikeja, Lagos on Sunday. His prayer was no less hip.

‘My Bible Says These Are End Times, We Starting With #EndSARS’. This change that we have come for, let it be real change in Jesus’ name. This reformation, let it be real reformation in Jesus’ name. Father, end all the radarada in our lives in Jesus’ name. End all the radarada in this nation in Jesus’ name. And Lord, please prepare us to be able to take over, to be able to take charge in Jesus’ name.This is just the beginning of the first chapter. As we are writing the other chapters, please write it with us in Jesus’ name. Soro soke, ko se amin.”

 The reformation the RCCG family of God prophesies about, as many Nigerians know the protest to be, is just for President Muhammadu Buhari and his Holy Ghost-forsaken government and tacky party APC. It’s not for MOGs. The RCCG and the holy family cannot be protested again—because they are above reformation—because they can’t do no wrong.

Even the little flutter CAMA gave them when Buhari assented to the bill is still hurting. The reason why God raises the army of #ENDSARS protesting youth to heckle BuharI and his—according to Youth Bishop Leke—miserable government.

SARS has been cancelled by the federal government but Nigerians are still wondering why the youth still dig in their heels.

The confusion will hang heavier still until Dec. 31 when  Adeboye will receive a batch of prophecies that will show the path for 2021


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