OKUPE: My son will emerge top analist in Olympics 2050 tourney after his 2021 Open Challenge

Former presidential public affairs handler and PDP stalwart Doyin Okupe went into divination after his log-cabin gay son Bolu outed recently.

The 60-something-year-old dad has now found reason  to look on the brighter side of the homo pile: Bolu will emerge a top anyhow.

And Okupe is kinda happy about that.

The former spin doctor was initially gutted on knowing his son is now one of those genetically wired species Nigerian anti-LGBTQ law will be hounding into jail—10 fingers—if caught.

But Okupe gathered his 2000kg  self together, and emptied his sorrow on social media.

“For me, I look beyond Bolu’s ripped ab and chiselled chest; I peep into his athletic spirit,” he said.

“You see: my boy’s up for an Open Challenge now—drilling like crazy for the 2050 Olympics where he will hit global fame as Nigeria’s top Olympian gay, though he will be representing France.”

The Christian father standing corruption trial for his role in the $2.1-billion arms fund scandal in 2014 noted how much he hates unholy shit like being an open faggot —in far away France—and on Instagram.

“But I’m not alone watching this challenge. I have a very big gut by my side,” he talked like a doyen of positive thinking.

His followers on social media are wondering why he’s moaning like the queen of pain.

After all, the President Goodluck Jonathan administration Okupe served legislated against his kid who hadn’t got no ball for the open challenge then.

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