Okorocha’s empire over-run in Imo; former gov now shelters at ISEMA camp

Imo’s former Gov. Rochas Okorocha is a sad man, according to a press statement by the state government announcing the senator’s current status: Internally Displace Person.

According to an aide to Gov Hope Uzordinma, Okorocha complained of shortness of breath and gasping, and it was discovered the enemies of the progressive senator invaded his home, and plundered everywhere before torching the structure.

“As you know in basic science, when you start a conflagration you cannot control, it sucks all the available oxygen in your immediate environment,” the aide told journalists January 1.

He noted the state emergency management agency, ISEMA,  have been quickly activated to restore fresh air there.

And the agency had to medevac Okorocha, along with his son-law and ex-CoS Uche Nwosu, to the its facility where victims of emergencies temporarily stay.

“Okorocha is now an IDP. And he’s angry,” the aide said

Since his structure has been razed, Okorocha is planning not to return to the ruin, the media aide added.

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