Ohaneze v Okupe: Sick sinus interacting with Covid-19 antigens tips off mental instability in some politicians—Africana Journal of Medicine

“Our study confirmed that for most patients, the relationship is neutral.



The Ohaneze Youth Council might have inadvertently publicized a research study when the Igbo group described a PDP operative as mentally unstable and in need of medical attention.

Doyin Okupe, a former presidential media adviser, had tweeted about a remote incident of 1966 and its impact on the 2023 election for Igbo.

The OYC believed Okupe’s tweet is not far from a person’s that is mentally deranged.

“He is being tormented by Aso Rock spirit and needs both orthodox treatment and spiritual deliverance,” Mazi Okwu, OYC’s president, said in a statement on the weekend.

Okwu is not a medical doctor, though.

But a scientific journal just released its findings after 70 years of research into the morbid interaction between sinus disease and antibodies in covid-19 survivals in Nigeria.

“Our study confirmed that for most patients, the relationship is neutral,” said Prof Atwalala who led the research and published its findings in the Africana Journal of Medicine.

“We , however, observed that in a group of subjects, mostly anxious  politicians, the interaction overstimulated the mid-brain, causing hallucination, prescience, and uncoordinated central nervous graphic activities.”

Okupe once told a high court in the early days of Dasukigate that he needed medical check-up because he has sinus disease.

Sinus is a condition that makes your heart skip its beats needed to keep your body functioning.

Okupe, who has declared intention to run for the 2023 presidency, again got sick leave because he contracted covid-19, and recovered last year.

Unlike Okwu, the scientists didn’t believe all this medical cataclysm has a spiritual dimension.

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