Nigeria bar opens to warehouse looters who have no money as NBA insists on hoodlums’ right to take Chelsea, monkey-tail, whatever they choose

“We have told our local bars to be ready to ensure as many looters as possible have opportunity to exercise their rights,” said President of the Nigerian Bar Association Olumide Akpata in a recent statement.

Thousands of Nigerian youth that fought back their police oppressors in a nation-rocking protest took their grievance a Scotch further last weekend.

After looting warehouses holding foodstuff reserved for the poorest Nigerians writhing in the grip of Covid-19 induced recession, the hungry youth then looted private businesses, including phone shops, wine houses, electronic malls, and others across the nation.

But state governments have been angry with these leaders of tomorrow, and have been hauling the looters in jails since—in droves of hundreds.

Which is bad enough, and a gross violation of the dignity of every law-abiding looter, especially those who focused their looting mainly on the food meant for them in those pantries.

“We believe there’s honor even among looters. And the governments must give the thieving youth their due respect until they are sentenced.”

Since the peaceful ENDSARS protest turned colorful and, ultimately, destructive a week ago, the Nigerian media and rights groups, including members of the bar, have divided the protesting youth into two.

The lesser of the two evils apparently are teetotalers—unlike the other, christened Hoodlums, known largely as bottlemen, liquor lovers, and piss artistes.

The bar is out to serve the need of the latter.

In a 113-word sentence he put out, Barista Akpata reminded the police the constitutional rights of the criminally inclined youth, regardless of their monkey-tail guzzling habit.



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