Mimiko is dead…not that he’s croaked or got rigour mortis all over his lank body, but dead as in how Akeredolu announces the obituary

When you are a PDP ex-governor, and you go by a tropical woodsy name, and you spent eight years sitting on your bums as LP governor of Ondo, and in the dying minutes of your second term you hopped into a dying party called PDP where you then started a losing streak, first as a presidential candidate, and then as a senator-wannabe, and you were so shameless you skipped back into your LP now prefixed with Zenith, though you have hit the bottom of the pile; and, here again, you lost and lost and lost until a deputy governor, a desperate pol  like you, popped in, and begged for your party’s ticket, and you, a loner and all-round loser, gave it to him for one reason, which is a golden handshake that will bring you from the brink of political extinction and pennilessness back to life as a withered and calcifying godfather—when you are all of this and more—you are D-E-A-D, and just a walking cadaver even with your Awoist cap sitting on your hard skull.

That is the obit scripted and announced by Ondo Gov Rotimi Akeredolu when he broke the news on Arise TV Sept 7. We know it’s toxic politics saying this. But the white bearded APC guv insisted that was how to describe Olusegun Mimiko, his washed-up predecessor and new godfather of his deputy Ajayi Agboola.

“Mimiko is not a political force anywhere. He left governor’s office, and tried the senate, he did not win. He did not even win his local government. He is a spent force.
“He is dead politically. He is probably looking for someone to resurrect him, and maybe Agboola has some money to spend on him. I know Agbola has some money to waste. Mimiko is a nobody anymore. You guys are the ones keeping them alive.”

Now that SAN/Undertaker Rotimi Akeredolu has carried out the autopsy, what else do we say in the bitter-sweet memory of this long-dead Iroko of Ondo?

Well. He was a rat, too. And he betrayed many, according to Akeredolu:

“Mimiko has his own trait. If Agboola with all he did finds solace in Mimiko, it is because they have the same trait; they are people prone to betrayal.”

Sadly, there’s no redemption after the grave. Meaning: Iroko, fallen, will remain down, rotting away or being chopped into pieces to be fed into a furnace.

Agboola won’t even be able to help resurrect him.


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