Lagos senator on ex-President : DNA test shows no Yoruba male bears such tribal marks except descendants of lost tribe of Israel

At 80, on Dec 24, a former president, from the southwest, known for letter writing on anything under his watch, got a gift: a revelation that he’s from an Obi royal lineage in Anambra.  And the giver: Yoruba Senator Anthony Adefuye from Lagos.

“To say that man has tribal marks, and so he’s Yoruba is a great mistake on the side of those clamoring for an Igbo president in 2023,” Adefuye said.

According to him, the east occupied the highest office between 1999 and 2007 when Nigerians installed as president an easterner, a retired general, surnamed Obi-asuji, erroneously taken for an Owu man, because of his scarified cheeks.

“DNA findings have revealed the man has 99.99 percent of his gene traceable to an Obi royalty in Anambra, one of the states of the lost tribe of Israel that migrated from Palestine to the Bight of Biafra when Nebuchadnezzar dispersed the Jew,” the senator said.

To make his point clearer, the senator pointed at some of the former president’s cabinet members, especially the education and finance ministries and the CBN.

“Most of them, including one who looks like his dead spit, are descendants of the lost tribe.”

In the genealogical war that followed Adefuye’s epiphany, the Afenifere, a one-man, pan-Yoruba group, reacted to the senator.

Yinka Odumakin, the only Afenifere Nigerians have always known and heard, who also functions as the group’s answering machine, blasted off Adefuye.

“It is egregious to start doubting the ancestry of this sophisticated son of Odua,” said Odumakin.

Until recently, Odumakin and his group never accepted this former president shared any lineage with them.

Odumakin even wrote a potboiler he titled Watching the Watcher, a hodgepodge of spleen and bile, cooked up within weeks of the release of Under My Watch, a memoir by the ex-president turned poultry farmer at Ota, Ogun.


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