How DJ Switch confronted deadly shooting with just Nigeria’s flag as bullets felled dozen protesters around her

“Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari must not insult the intelligence of the youth by describing them as unarmed,” said DJ Switch, the heroine of the Lekki bloody confrontation between #ENDSARS protesters and Nigerian soldiers reinforced by the disbanded SARS, on Friday.

Although they could not get guns like their other peaceful protesters who rolled cop shops and carted away AK-47 in Orile, Lagos, on Wednesday, the protesting kids occupying the Lekki Toll Gate Tuesday had their arms: Nigeria’s flags.

With such weapon of peace and unity, the female disc jockey claimed she and her fellows were able to defy ricocheting bullets of the 419 battalion gunnuts whom APC’s leader and ex- Chief Executive Security Officer Bola Tinubu commanded to sic the curfew-defying protesters.

In the mortal confrontation that raged from 9:45 pm that day, Switch became a goddess of a warrior, bouncing off bullets and moving gracefully in the rattle, waving her national flag—her only weapon—as she piled up 15 bodies of fallen heroes at the feet of the soldiers. The sonafabitches must prove to the world in broad daylight that she caught them in the dark killing her compatriots protesting police brutality.

As the killing sparked off ire and fire across Nigeria and international community, the Nigeria Bar Association believes the ICC prosecutors begging to jail Buhari for Tinubu’s sin of rights abuse and youthricide need not search high and low for evidence—as long as they can set their eyes on DJ Switch.

“Seeing DJ Switch is believing,” a Lagos lawyer and senior advocate of Nigeria said.

The heroine of the ENDSARS movement has even made the evidence gathering a lot easier. Three days after the epic battle of Lekki Toll Gate, and after popular demand, she uploaded a video of her talking head on INSTAGRAM for the ICC and the world to see.

Video analysts said the visual showed the aura of a shell-shocked young Amazon—except for the nick on the bridge of her nose, where a bullet grazed.

Amnesty International has since adopted the talking head, using the derring-do in its on-the-ground report as it prepares to sue the federal government of Nigeria.

Switch’s evidence has given Buhari, his APC party,  and the military authorities the jitters–because without it his third term in 2023 will have been undecided.

Now he can consider running for Aso Rock again. At 80.

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