Govt destroys brothel before Nigeria’s first sex party happens, says owner gets permit for lodging, QSR only

The Kaduna government has given more reasons while it brought down Swodom Brothel where some gangbangers planned to have the first sex party since Nigeria became a republic.

According to the head of the state’s ministry of urban planning, the brothel the kids, mostly twenagers, chose to host the event was not licensed for sex, let alone a groupie.

It was only licensed for quick service restaurant and lodging.

“The law vested the agency with powers to demolish any hotel where clients have sex—in contravention of its license,” said the head of the ministry of urban planning.

The group of bastards hosting the event had put out a flier on social media, inviting their fellow dickheads to come wearing their birthday suits all stuffed up with spermcatchers.

APC Gov. Nasir El Rufai was actually vomiting when he heard about it, and as he nosed around for the imminent orgy, he said he was just gagging, imagining how unIslamic the party would look like.

The state police command, on receiving the information, said it felt tempted to participate–just in a sting operation to gather evidence for prosecuting the idiots.

“But we didn’t want our men to start feeling frisky, because their bodies are no wood,” said the force spokesperson.

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