Godzilla Obaseki made a hole in Edo’s treasury to win election, confirmed Wike who’s been spending Rivers money to win election

The PDP governors don’t really feel like they are a bunch of disappointment Nigerians think they are. The sonofabitches now tell voters—not that the voters never knew—that their governors spend states’ FAAC, IGR, taxes, 13 percent derivative fund, Eco Funds, AfDB loans, the World Bank’s and other grants, and even Covid-19 doleouts to buy not just fast rides and edifices and best bimbos as side chicks (think Ikedi Ohakim) but also voters and thumbs and anything that has a price and can help them win elections.  Oops! The APC rogues might not push that daylight robbery in your face, though.

And in that PDP pack, they have the most reckless one as alpha dog: Rivers Gov Nyesom Wike. He has a gate-mouth that swings anyhow, and he has little respect for anybody, including other executhieves that run most of the states in the south.

So little Obaseki (who some idiots say owes his victory in the Sept 19 election to Wike) can’t protest when his new godamnfather and fairy uncle blew the gaff. Wike declared on Channels TV Sept 25 where his kid governor got the money he spent to win the last election.

Wike was being honest for once in about six years. Some had said he plunked down the billions the PDP spent on the Edo election. Rather than lied about it, and take the credit, Wike fessed up: “I only supervised … what?. According to the Punch, he stated that he did not fund Obaseki’s campaign because the governor already had enough money to execute his campaign.

“What resources could I have deployed? He is a sitting governor. What resources can I give him that he does not have?”

That’s where Obaseki—or the PDP—takes the biscuit. What’s Edo’s coffer for—if not for any governor that knows how to use money? Lots of money. For 2019 alone, with N66 billion, Edo ranked among the top 10 receivers of the Federal Account Allocation monthly doleout. Just that.

When one APC partier Tony Momoh first barked about Obaseki handing the state treasury to Wadata Plaza which gave him the ticket, not many understood.

“I said, ‘Obaseki leaving is not going to be a tea party for us in APC because, most importantly, he left with our purse,’” he recalled.

Now they dig you, Mo.

One of the losers in the Edo APC even got a clearer pix of the bazaar that bought the 300,000 plus votes for Obaseki. The Guradian asked Henry Jerryman Idiahagbon why things went pear-shaped for his candidate Osagie Ize Iyamu on Saturday. Then henry sang a narrative dirge:

Well, what really happened was that, for the past five to six months, Obaseki’s government agents went round meeting voters, collecting their Bank Verification Numbers (BVN) and the registration number of voters in every polling unit in Edo State. And he was paying them N10,000 each.


Supposing this loser is good at his maths, he then means Obaseki and the PDP, micro-managed by Wike, spent N10, 000 on each of the 300,000 plus voters he got. That adds up to N3,000,000,000.  A zillion naira!

So the all-mouthy Wike had a clear head when he said  Obaseki is sitting on the state’s treasury and he’s not such an honest man that won’t dig his 10-inch long, black fingers in the cookie jar to win his re-election.

The thing is: Obaseki ain’t seen nothing. Wike already has him by the nape. The crazy cat will throw up more stinking things they did to win that election.

But before all the shit hits the fan, you can only imagine how much Obaseki will have ruined the state.

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