FIRS to tax Kukah for his free lectures that incite peaceful riot up north; CAN kicks

Following the rabblerousing sermon Sokoto Bishop Matty Hassan Kukah gave on Christmas Day, some Islamic organizations have urged President Muhammadu Buhari to order the Federal Inland Revenue Service to start taxing the bishop.

The call came after an Islamic body revealed Kukah is an entrepreneur whose merchandise—free pyrotechnic speeches—remains a grant-grosser in the international Christian community, just as it is steroids in the veins of peaceful rioters in Nigeria

“The government should tax this merchant of violence so it can generate more money, and push back other entrepreneurs of confusion dressed as clergymen,” a secretary of the Islamic body in Nigeria.

According to records, Kukah, a member of the National Peace Commission, is a foremost marketer of angst, frustration, hatred, and blah feelings that he believes Nigerians can buy and go berserk—on a bloodlessly violent coup, though. His head office is the Kukah Centre in Sokoto.

More and more groups are coming out with similar requests.

“It’s an affront on free speech to ask a member of the National Peace Committee not to call for bloodless coup in the face of Islamization and northern hegemonization of Nigeria,” a spokesperson for CAN said.

But the Christian Association of Nigeria has come around. It’s not, clear, however, if Bishop Kukah wants to use these Christians’ help.

His reason: They have wives—and jets.

Kukah has slagged off these Christians, too, over and over, especially their leaders’ jet-set lifestyles while church members groan in the squelch of their leaders’ luxury.

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