Finance minister sad as Obaseki got freshly minted N60bn and refuses to shut up

Following Edo Gov. Godwin Obaseki’s prattle about the freshly minted N60bn he was certain the federal government gave him, Finance Minister Zainab Ahmed has expressed her utter disappointment.

“For me, it’s sad Obaseki could pipe out all that bull. How could he shit where he eats?” Ahmed said after a FEC meeting Wednesday.

Obaseki on Tuesday revealed how so broke Nigeria has become they had to print N60bn from Nigeria’s mint in Germany last Monday night for onward delivery to him in Edo the following morning.

While Ahmed was trying to cover up the scandal, Obaseki could not over-ride his hefty conscience.

“I have not sold my soul to Mammon,” he fired back when they told him Ahmed’s response.

“I stand by my words. I got newly minted N60bn. As you can see. I am not an ostrich, uh?”

When asked why other governors, especially those from the PDP, are not aware of the lump sum, the Edo governor snapped back.

“I don’t know of other PDP governors who aren’t talking. All I know is that I got crispy billions of Naira notes last week”

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