Fear as PDP, Orubebe, Jega begin move to upturn Buhari’s 2015 win

Former INEC’s chairman Attahiru Jega may have set in motion an unprecedented presidential de-election with his recent take on President Muhammadu Buhari.

The professor of political science actually hit Buhari right on the nose.

“Frankly, this government has been very disappointing,” said Jega in an interview last weekend.

His take surprised many, and heightened the hope of the PDP still looking for evidence to overturn the 2015 election it claims the APC and Buhari lost.

With his verdict, according to the PDP spokesman Kola Ologbondiyan, Jega has exposed himself to the world as a two-timer, and the party said they were happy Jega vindicated them with his roundabout turn.

“He’s a vice-chancellor who having signed the degree certificate of his student now turned around to question the student’s whether it was initiated from Aba,” Ologbodiyan went jaggy in Latinized English as he spoke on the Jega’s comment cum evidence on Monday.

A high-power retroactive legal and political legerdemain have since be readied—to take back the 2015 certificate of return Jega gave Buhari, who won a second term in 2019.

In the thick of this effort are the PDP, Godsday Orubebe, and Jega himself, a source within the fringe of the opposition party revealed.

“The section 2050 of the 1999 constitution (to be amended in 2023) will form the solid constitutional ground the plan will stand on come February when the plan unfolds,” the source added.

Aso Rock is already in jitters.

Jega, indeed, oversaw the 2015 presidential election which he initially said  Buhari won in a contest with then incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan.

While Jonathan electrified the world with his simple acceptance of the election result, his fiercest foot soldier Orubebe, who was PDP’s agent at the Abuja INEC counting centre, was disappointed.

And all of Jonathan’s men had to contest the INEC result so militantly  Orubebe, in a fit of holy anger, seized a microphone, and ordered Jega out of the counting session—for hiding votes in his white babanringa and cap.

Speaking Ijaw so he could shake off the European Union observers watching the stand-off, Orubebe insisted the hidden votes were freighted in a private jet to Otuoke, Bayelsa, where they were added to Buhari’s vote so he could flip the battle ground state in the election.

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