Exposed: Eyinaya, PDP senators plot to impeach Buhari for rigging up Aso Villa domestic staff with improper Igbo

President Muhammadu Buhari may not survive the first impeachment plot against him by Dec.

Sen. Minority Leader Eyinaya Abaribe has perfected a plan to lead 42 PDP senators, minus himself, in the NASS to impeach Buhari for breaching the constitution he vowed to uphold.

Eyinaya, who’s so versed in the constitution that he can read it upside down and interpret it backwards, has found out Buhari has flotsam and jetsam from the southeast bristling on Aso Villa’s domestic staff.

“Who does that in a constitutional democracy?” the arrowhead of PDP’s opposition asked on a TV show Friday.

“It’s against Section 404 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria which compels a northern president to make proper southeasterners his cook, laundryman, and masseur.”

While Eyinaya’s addled head had to be drubbed to remind him there are some southeasterners fetching and carrying for Buhari, the topshot senator dismissed them all as ne’er-do-wells.

“These ones are dickheads who can’t do the back-channel government business that we used to do in former administrations,” he added.

The only man of worth from Igbo that  he knows works inside the villa is the president’s photographer.

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