Experts explain why roaring Kogi White Lion, that of Bourdillion suddenly make U-turn, kiss, hunt together

The prized fight between the Kogi White Lion and its counterpart the Lion of Bourdillion may not hold again in 2023 it was initially slated for.

This turn of event will actually gut many already looking forward to the bloody tangle between the leonine rivals trying to claim territories.

“I believe the large-boned Lion of Bourdillion will make a better champion that I will,” the Kogi white lion was herd growling, strangely, in human language recently.

Some zoologists were actually surprised at the sudden change.

“One would have assumed the younger lion from Kogi, just above 40, would be more agile and less prone to skidding on tiled floors during conference than its weak-kneed rival in Lagos,” said Stanley Abdul, a zoologist from the University of Ibadan.

But some animal behavior scientists know better.

They insist even other species in the same kingdom have problem understanding one another, not to talk about political animals like those in the APC and the PDP in Nigeria.

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