ENDSARS: INEC refuses to register Nigeria’s biggest youth party MHAD-Ps readying own candidates to contest against Tinubu in 2023

While strength is in numbers, Nigeria’s largest political party on the horizon is not going to benefit much. Not even in the wake of the ENDSAR protest by armless youth who, notwithstanding their helplessness, used their digital fingers to trigger a Twitter-campaign gone violent in Nigeria midweek.

So INEC is insisting it won’t consider the Miscreants and Hoodlums Advanced Democratic Protestant Party (MHAD-Ps) application already submitted for registration.

This is in spite of the party’s national spread, as seen in the large turnout of party members in each of the 36 states of Nigeria and the Federal Capital Territory during its sensitization outing in the last two weeks.

Many observers believe that the little action MHAD showed especially in Lagos—the number of houses and businesses and anti-democratic installations torched and looted—is proof the party candidates will deliver the goods, wherever they are warehoused, if their party displaces the ruling APC in 2023.

Lagos Gov. Babajide Sanwo-Olu has estimated what the state lost to the MHAD rally at N1 trillion—in just two days.

According to INECs chairman Yakubu Mahmoud, the sensitization rally even intimidated the commission, and a by election, slated for the APC and the PDP in Lagos, had to be cancelled.

The APC, many say, is considering a number of aspirants, including Lagos former Gov Bola Tinubu to contest the presidency in 2023.

But the MHAD action on Wednesday could have sent a powerful signal to the 60-something year-old APC leader.

Investments and modern facilities, real and imaginary, believed to belong to him because of their glitter, were all glowing merrily during the mid-week procession in Lagos.

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