Edo: We know why Shuaibu was outta his mind when he vomited all that bushwa about defeating Oshiomhole in his ward Sept 19. Lol

There are a lot of things Edo Dep. Gov. Philip Shuaibu likes to think he can do at 51: he can deliver a command performance at bed time (oh… well, thumbs-up, hunk, for getting it up!) ; he can run aimlessly round football pitches patting himself for playing club football with boys his son’s age.

And if he hadn’t over-reached himself yet, for being the most frivolous deputy governor who has a lot of time to kill kicking leather around Benin stadiums for four years, Shuaibu, the khaki-wearing old cargo feeling like a spring chicken, just did.

“Mr Philip Shaibu, Edo Deputy Governor, has said that come Sept. 19, he will defeat Mr Adams Oshiomhole, former National Chairman of the All Progressive Congress (APC), and immediate past governor of the state even in his ward.”

Very likely Shuaibu was in the after-glow of a wham-bam when he said this. Some gangling old geezers like him stay longer in that bliss, transmuting the energy into other things. Football and beat-your-boss-in-his-ward politics are Shuaibu’s favs. And when he’s in that state, his mouth and lower jaw teeth that set like the ratchets of a hacksaw clatter, and his imagination runs riot.

That’s because in that particular interview where he bragged, the PDP deputy governor ended up talking nice about his former mentor.

According to NAN:

“He noted that Oshiomhole started the vision, which was the vision for development, moving the state forward as well as turning it from a civil service state to an industrial state and a business hub of the nation.”

Shuaibu really couldn’t make the difference between his enemy and his former boss during the interview. Or he was trying to hedge all his bets. In case he and the corn-eating bear and Gov. Godwin Obaseki lose in the Sept 19 election, he can easily claw his way back to their former boss Adams Oshiomhole. It was his shrimp who got Obaseki and Shuaibu into office through the APC in 2016. Now the two just shat in the party, and cut out to the PDP.

But the Edo deputy governor is thinking like he’s in Bendel FC locker room now, where he quarterbacks and gets some respect from those kids he plays with. And he’s kind of looking at Oshiomhole as being among them:

 “I introduced Comrade Oshiomhole to politics. I organised his first ever political meeting that brought him in.

Now we know Oshiomhole owes Shuaibu his life—for bringing him to attend a party meeting. The question is how he and Obaseki (who’s been making similar claims) will chop up that shrimp of a debtor.



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