Devout malam says heaven-conscious governor’s sons will see God if they get kidnapped for no ransom


A devout Muslim has espoused a religious teaching about how sons of politicians, especially governors, can make heaven: get snatched by bandits.

The Malam, an APC governor in northwestern Nigeria, said this Friday to let his devout citizens know making heaven in state houses is too difficult owing to tight security.

“Mark my words: If my son is successfully kidnapped, I would rather pray he makes heaven than pay ransoms for his release,” he said.

The DSS, police, joint security task forces provide maximum security for governors in Nigeria. But the 24-7 protection is preventing the heaven-bound members of the first families seeking new adventures from leaving.

Insiders reveal that there’s no country worth touring on earth the boys have not visited.

The governor, however, believes it’s faster and easier if merciless bandits robbed of their ransoms can do the dispatch.

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