Climate Resilience: Zulum converts security truck to firewood carrier to alleviate rural women energy plight for one hour

Which is more glorious: An Instagram-worthy loading of dry twigs onto two security trucks, by a first-term governor who couldn’t stand watching poverty-ridden Borno girls foraging for firewood by the arid, treeless highway—or a drab policy that makes kerosene and gas sell for N20 per litre to meet the energy need of poor rural women in their huts, without them venturing onto highways?

You bet. The tear-jacking pity party is.

That is exactly how Borno Gov Babagana Zulum showed leadership by example when he turned his security aides’ Hilux trucks to firewood dumpers recently.

Zulum’s action takes the biscuit not because it gives Nigerians misty eyes watching empathy and humility combined in His Excellence. The gesture becomes Instagrammable because it shows how climate-resilient the governor has become, a leadership quality that will keep echoing as the girls trek those miles back later to get more firewood.

In all, those young women that rode with him for 30 minutes, and the thousands that will share the post, will forever gratefully remember the APC governor and his faithfulness to the Kyoto Accord and global warming management—which he uses to help the energy-poor in Borno cope with their misery.

Perish the thought Zulum’s acting for a second term.

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