CCT blames global warming for bad spelling in Danladi-guard assault press statement, apologizes to Spelling Bees Nigeria

For his professional spelling mistakes in the press statement he issued last week on behalf of Umar Danladi,  the honorary justice of the Code of Conduct Tribunal, a Ministry of Info writer has an explanation.

Ibraheem Al-Hassan indicated climate change was responsible for the howlers in the statement.

Danladi, an appointee of President Muhammadu Buhari, mauled a young guard at a plaza in Abuja last week, and Al-Hassan had to issue a press release which turned out a product of impunity.

In the release, the Tribunal’s image maker disregarded the rule of grammar for the rule of law, writing ‘rode’ for ‘rude’, ‘pack’ for ‘park’, and all that.

Now, Al-Hassan  denied he penned down those slips in his right senses.

“You know atmospheric pressure increased because the weather in Abuja that day was heavily humid,” he said in another presser on Easter Sunday.

“That put a lot of atmospheric pressure of 10,000 Pa on the FCT, Microsoft Word, and more on those of us who had to wrote nice stuffs to made you guys see not as dishonorable what the honorable justice do that day,” Alhassan said, still under pressure.

But he apologized to the Queen of England,  the media, PR professionals, and everybody who read the brighter grammar he wrote that day.

Apart from retired Chief Justice of Nigeria Walter Onnoghen and the PDP, the most disappointed are primary schoolers who read newspapers to excel in the spelling competition which Spelling Bees Nigeria (SBN) organizes yearly.

“The CCT press statement stung our members badly,” said SBN’s spokesperson Wright Alo.

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