Bold Oodua Twitter Republic launches ultra-modern military with sophisticated barearms inside village

To leave nobody in doubt of what they are up to, the federal government of Oodua Republic on Twitter unveiled its modern army March 30.

The gallant army, ten-man strong, was unveiled in a village somewhere in the southwest with the most unheard of military might on parade.

“Forget we are just 10. Oodua and Lamurudu and their hosts of irumales are with us,” the republic’s Chief of Defence Maj-Gen Arogunsa (retd)  said during the procession to which no media was invited to limit collateral damage during the show of force.

The men of the Oodua army, from six-foot tall downward to three feet, were armed with sophisticated weapons, including AK 51, pineapples, and others, with APCs, tanks, Humvees stacked up behind them.

“Don’t mind that you can’t see, with your naked eyes any of our weapons and what our men are clutching at during this show of force,” said Arogunsa.

He emphasised it’s a strategy to keep the enemy in the dark.

“You must have heard the bravado of our commando Sunday Igboho—how his bare arm easily turns to a gun when he is in action.”

Asked if he is bothered there can be a civil war for setting up a republic within the republic of Nigeria, and under the APC government of President Muhammadu Buhari.

“Not at all,” he said.

“The UN and Geneva charters recognize our rights to self-determination on Twitter.”

Gen. Arogunsa fled the country during the  first civil war in Nigeria.  He’s, however, bringing his wealth of experience for the emancipation of the Yoruba nation decades later.

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