Awolowo writes new book foreworded by PDP reviewer Chidoka, published in Oodua Republic

The late Yoruba sage Obafemi Awolowo has written a new book about his life since 1987, and he bares all in the volume comprising no fewer than 790 pages.

According to the book’s review, Awolowo effortlessly reveals a part of him unknown to many of his followers in Afenifere, dead and alive, including Adekunle Ajasin and Abraham Adesanya, both late, Pa Ayo Adebanjo, and other puny Awoists sporting cloven caps across the southwest.

“You may not know this: I am out and out Ikenne man , then a red blooded Yoruba before I ever consider myself a Nigerian,” the reviewer quoted papa as saying.

“It’s a shame you guys believe I fought for Nigeria’s independence from Britain in 1960.”

A section of the review also highlights Awolowo’s mode of party funding when the UPN was the major party down south.

“Like his contemporaries, Awolowo used unorthodox mechanism for party funding that has continued to plague Nigeria to this day.”

Osita Chidoka, the Igbo historian who reviewed the book trough the point of view of his father, is an ex-minister and PDP agent. But he confessed the life of the Yoruba sage worshiped in the APC southwest knocked him so really dead he couldn’t help reviewing and fore-wording the book.

The book’s first edition will be launched not in Nigeria—abroad—in Oodua Republic.

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