Atiku moves $100m-investment out of Intels, CIA reacts

Since former ex-V.P Atiku Abubakar announced the slushing around of his multi-million-dollar securities holding in a maritime behemoth in Nigeria, there have been series of actions and reactions from many angles.

One just came from the Central Intels Agency—CIA.

Following the move and Atiku’s bellyache about APC’s President Muhammadu Buhari eyeing the company, Intels came out debunking the claims.

For the records, the company stated, President Buhari has never salivated at the millions we rake in here, contrary to what the very ex-veep said.

“We operate and trade with market logic—because we are a bunch of smartasses and our competitors rightly call us Intels,” the group stated in a press release Tuesday. “Atiku could have his reasons for leaving a company run on logic for any dumbass elsewhere.”

Not long after the press statement, the CIA, the world’s largest octopus of a security agency that gathers human, electronic, artificial, cash, and psychic intels, made its own public statement.

The CIA revealed the name Atiku has been coming up since the 2018 Panama Papers, FinCen leaks, and many others. And all the intels led to many sources of huge investments and funds, in millions of dollars, like what just moved out of Intels,” said CIA Director Pryer Atrosh .

“The sudden disconnection of Atiku and Intels has since triggered an amber alert on our ELINT console. This calls for concerns, especially as Nigeria’s 2023 presidential election is here.”

Atiku was a former vice president in the PDP. He began contesting for the presidency since 2007, losing every four years since then, making him a former ex-vice president.


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