APC sets up high-power committee that’ll usher in change Nigerians want now in 2025

To assure Nigerians it’s a promise keeper, the APC has set up a committee of top-shots that will bring the change it promised in 2014 to reality in 2025.

The high-power committee, according to the party mock Chairman and Yobe Gov.  Mai Buni, comprises little-known bureaucrats and bombed-out politicians like ex-Gov. Akinwumi Ambode, ex-Speaker Dimeji Bankole, and 59 others.

“Our plan is to rule Nigeria for 32 years so we can eventually end Boko Haram, banditry, unstable power, and corruption, and all we promised in 2014 by 2025,” Buni said while inaugurating the committee.

Nigerians will recall President Muhammadu Buhari only assured them he and the APC wanted to build a country unborn generations will be proud of.

Such goal takes time.

“So the present generation has never been on the card, ab initio—the more reason citizens should not expect the ruling APC to end banditry and other insecurity until 2025 or thereabouts,” said a member of the committee.

Buni assured Nigerians the rusty men of yesteryears he bunched up will make good that promise in 24 years’ time.

” We are not like the PDP that wanted reign for 60 years. We can feel the suffering of Nigerians so we make ours realistic and bearable–32 years,” the part-time governor said.

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