Angry Trump threatens APC for saying he’s acting like Jonathan, Orubebe in 2015

Following the APC press statement dissing the currently unstable president of the US for acting like Nigeria’s ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, the White House has responded with a screengrab of President Donald Trump’s response.

“It’s a shame the US is not different from the PDP whose last president’s right-hand man Godsday Orubebe disrupted the 2015 presidential election when candidate  Jonathan had already conceded and congratulated  President Muhammadu Buhari,” the statement by the APC read in part.

Remember the old Fulani geezer himself had teared up and sued, cussed, bit, and fumed for 12 years before winning the third attempt.

But Trump was surprised the APC goon, Sen. Akpnanudede, could write that bollocks about the world’s craziest president.

Trust him.

Though Twitter just de-balled him by suspending his Twitter account till 2059, he used his youngest son’s Twitter handle to fire back at Nigeria.

“These lowlifes in that shithole—are they jibing at me? Giuliani will handle you miserable niggers,” Trump said on Baron’s Twitter handle.

The 45th American president lost his re-election bid last November, and refused to concede defeat to his Dem challenger Joe Biden.

He climaxed his infantile narcissism on Wednesday when he sicced on Congress millions of his  asslickers, including Femi Fani-Kayode, the Christian Association of Nigeria, senators and reps in American Congress, and other dangerous and bloody racists and Trumpians all over the planet.




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