Amnesty regrets own failure to defend Americans exercising rights on Capitol, drags Trump to Mar-a-Lago

The world’s fiercest homo rights defender and bad governance nemesis Amnesty International has been hamstrung for the very first time in 2000 years of its life.

It regrets it could not defend the skinheads and birdheads and shitheads that protested peacefully on the US capitol dome Wednesday before some gentle hoodlums ran crazy, and protested very loudly.

“Notwithstanding, we stand with any group of people protesting: ENDSARS, Revolution Now, Stop the Steal, Pregnant Men Rights, and anything,” said AI in the wake of the protest, adding it has videos and geo-spatial evidence that confirm figure of protesters shot dead by the Capitol police stands at 50,000, and still counting. Far more than the number of Nigerians security agencies killed during ENDSARS protest in Nigeria.

“Eyewitnesses said a lot of dead bodies were stacked up in the bunker close to the SaA office. The UN, Nigeria, Uganda, Russia, Taliban must rise to this occasion.”

The NGO wondered why Dems and GOP loudmouths are screaming their pink faces blue over the expression of First Amendment by Americans on American soil, and inside the American people’s home.”

It however blamed President Donald Trump who made it difficult to defend the protesters’ rights.

“A goofy president making it difficult for us to protect protesters rights is worse than Liberia’s ex-President Charles Taylor. And AI won’t take that farrago of nonsense Dems are saying about protesters desecrating the temple of democracy,” it said.

The group has since submitted a petition to drag Trump to Mar-a-Lago on Jan. 20.

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