I got you, baby! Fayemi proposes marriage to Fulani

In a symbolic effort to make peace, and unify Yoruba and Fulani amidst rising ethnic tension in the southwest, Ekiti Gov Kayode Fayemi has proposed marriage to the fair ones from the northwestern Nigeria.

He popped the question in a ceremony that his southwest counterparts and some northern governors graced in Yoruba ancient town Ondo on Monday.

In a sweet, soothing tone, Fayemi expressed how far the Yoruba romance with strangers can go.

“This is your home. We’re all yours. I will never let you go. You aren’t going nowhere,” Fayemi said.

He reminded the audience that his Ondo counterpart and APC Gov Rotimi Akeredolu would never have asked those forest beauties to leave Yorubaland because of insecurity some bastards are causing in that region.

The Fulani women and men and children were allegedly asked by Akeredolu to quit their forest homes last week, thus creating a rift between the two tribes.

Historians say love like Fayemi’s is a powerful unifier in a divided country like Nigeria, especially with the Fulani. They cited how such marital bond made Afonja, once a part of Yorubaland, meld into the Fulani kingdom in Kwara centuries ago.

“It’s even stronger now considering a highly cerebral suitor like Fayemi looking to marry into the Fulani,” a Fulani historian said.


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