2023: Zulum to help Igbo, Ijaw prepare negotiator, ransom for power shift

Borno Gov Z Babagana has put his snout into the broth of the 2023 presidency, and his advice to the Igbo and the Niger Delta is worth $ 21 billion.

According to him, all the fossilizing oldies—especially those whining the north won’t hand some Igbo businessman the presidency in 2024—are either daft or dimwitted because they don’t know what it means to negotiate.

The north has held the presidency hostage since 2015, and to release it to the southeast, the governor said, won’t just be by wishful thinking.

“I said this because I have heard many people say ‘they don’t want to give us power’,” said Zulum at an annual lecture in Lagos on the weekend.

“Don’t you get it, men?  Assumptions and projections won’t get your ass anywhere.  Come on, remember God gives some power, but you underdogs negotiate for it,” he said.

Since the southeast boasts highest number of billionaires in Africa, paying whatever ransom the hostage taker asks won’t be a problem

Many Nigerians have been speculating President Muhammadu Buhari and the north will decide whether they will release power by 2023.

Now the professor governor who is experienced in K&R management has lectured all the southeastern drop-outs—and the oil thieves in the south-south— wailing to go get a brain, and hire a haggler.

He advised the negotiator should be able to  speak Fullah and Hausa like a rice farm on fire.


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