2023: Wike, Okorocha plan APC-PDP joint ticket

As the presidential election preparation for 2023 picks up speed, strategies to wrest power from the holdovers in Abuja are unfolding, and one promises to take the biscuit.

Rivers (PDP) Gov.  Nyesom Wike and Imo Sen. Rochas Okorocha are strange bedfellows politically, but they are cooking something together. And, insiders said, that thing is out of the pot.

According to Okorocha, the APC and the PDP are god-forsaken parties, and their members, nitwits.

He made the statement when he went to a community in Rivers to celebrate the award, execution, completion, commissioning, with thanksgiving, and photo-op of a road Jan. 12—on Wike’s invitation,

“I am the only good guy in the APC, and Wike is the only good guy in the PDP,” said Okorocha. “No one may have done it anywhere in this world before—but the two of us will surprise Nigerians in 2023. Sure as hell.”

Analysts are in no way surprised about the bi-partisan presidency Okorocha and Wike want to pull off.

Both politicians were formerly members of the Nigeria Governors Forum before Okorocha became a senator. Since he, an underling, rode on the coat-tail of former President Goodluck Jonathan to become governor in 20115, Wike, too, has taken over the leadership of the PDP, scaring the hell out of his chairman Uche who is now happily a Secondus.  The party’s deep pocket Atiku Abubakar has also been gob-smacked.

As the two politicos’ preparation gets earnest, many are of the opinion that they will succeed. The ruling APC will then keep the presidency while the PDP will take over the vice presidency.

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