Disciple of Christ Sen Abbo that committed sex-toy-boutique assault bags N50m fine despite asking Jesus and World Christian Assocciation for forgiveness

It took almost a year to get one of Nigeria’s rotten judges to tell Sen. Elisha Abbo that he not only suffers from male erection dysfunction so he’s low on libido, but that he’s also suffering from the wee-men syndrome so he’s low on self-esteem despite   spending his wardrobe allowance on suits and hi-tech sex gizmos.

The court of public opinion believes any man who batters a woman is an idiot. So this youngest idiot in Nigeria’s Senate (PDP), in May 2019, slapped Osimibibra Warmate, an adult shop salesgirl, and threatened further to arrest her because he’s a senator representing some backwaters in Adamawa.

Because Nigerians thrashed him on social media, Abbo apologized, and admitted, for Christ’s sake, in a video that he was really a dunderhead for being an Elisha mucking around in sex tool shop. He then turned himself in to the police which charged him with a two-count criminal offence before a chief magistrate court in Abuja.

Then a stinking, low-level magistrate in Abuja, after watching the video with his eyes closed and mouth ajar, said there was no diligent prosecution. He upheld the no-case defence Abbo’s lawyer Abel Izioko filed.

But a team of lawyers took it up, and charged the idiot with a civil madness that only a guy who needs a miniaturized Barbie or some kinda e-fetish to get a boner would display in a sex toy boutique.

The high court judge, Justice Samira Bature, eventually slammed the idiot with N50 million—to be paid to the victim of the adult-toy-shop violence.

One of the lawyers, Nelson Onuoha, said on Twitter on Monday:

Remember that video of a Nigerian senator slapping/assaulting a young lady at a shop? Well justice was served today with the court slamming the sum of N50M against the Senator. I am delighted to have represented that young lady in this suit. We say no more to oppression

Fortunately, Abbo, for wearing his straggly shag and sitting on his ass in the Senate, earns over N100 million annually—to spend on sex toys and designer suits and Viagra and other stuff sexually disadvantaged he-men like him need. He definitely can slap Warmate again—with N50 million cheques. Nigeria’s federal lawmakers, we already know, earn in bagfuls.

The BBC once reported:

“Many Nigerians were shocked after recent revelations from a prominent politician, Shehu Sani, that Nigerian senators are entitled to monthly expenses of 13.5m naira (£27,000; $37,500), in addition to their monthly salaries of more than $2,000.”

Unfortunately, this woman-slapping bully of a PDP senator is just 40-something years old, and he’s having his juice so substantially drying up he needs sex-toys and S&M to convince himself he’s still a Fulani stud.

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